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The Richard P. Hopfner Award

The Richard P. Hopfner Award is given annually to recognize the effort of a boat, skipper or crew that embodies the spirit of Richard (“Dick”) Hophner and his love of the organization.

Dick was a long time member of the Scituate Sailing Fleet.  In addition to his competitiveness on the race course, Dick is remembered fondly for his sportsmanship, volunteerism and general embodiment of the Corinthian spirit.  Dick championed many efforts during his tenure, including our race circular and our original logo.


Past Recipients:


2003 George Sherman

2004 Peter Galvin

2005 Alma Morrison

2006 George Sherman

2007 Ed Marks

2008 Mike McWilliams

2009 Jim Kwiatkowski

2010 Bob Durant

2011 Rick Williamson

2012 Dennis Kwapis

2013 Bob Flewelling

2014 Donna Grafton

2015 George Sherman 

2016 Kevin O'Leary

2017 Bob Rappold

2018 Paul Bowers

2019 Jamie Noonan

2020 Mark D'Onofrio

2021 Jeff and Lynne Rosen

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